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Perennials are a very wide group of garden plants that fascinate many admirers as well as experts with their variegation and beauty. We can choose among perennials for rockeries, blossoming perennials for flower beds and coloured leaf perennials for the shade but especially interesting are also ornamental grasses. Perennials are also a nice present. In Trajnice Strgar Nursery, we have gift vouchers for €10, €20 and €50 so instead of a gift, you can give a voucher and the person can choose the desired perennials at will.

04. October 2018

Lectures in the nursery

Perennials in autumn

Saturday, 20 th of October 2018, 10.a.m. Welcome.

29. June 2016

My garden is designed

Our garden designs on TV SLO 1

National television TV SLO 1 showed a series of 5 episodes titled "My garden is designed", presenting the designs of slovenian garden designers and landscape architects. Designers explain which factors determined their design and owners explain why they chose to involve experts. Trajnice Strgar is happy to inform you that two of our garden designs are featured in this series (episode 1, epsiode 2, slovenian only). Enjoy.