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Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus'

Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus'

We have over 400 different types or sorts of perennials planted on graft nurseries in Trajnice Strgar Nursery. They are mostly marked with Latin names. In this way, we test the plants on how they flourish in our soil and in our climate and at the same time, we can enable our customers to see the plants in their natural beauty and size and can freely walk among them.

A plant planted in a small pot and marked only with poor description and picture has only a little chance to show itself in its true colours and to enrapture us in a way as a plant that we can see in its full growth.


15. May 2019

Lectures in the nursery

Perennials in late spring

Saturday, 25.5.2019, 10. a.m. Entrance fee: 5 €

29. June 2016

My garden is designed

Our garden designs on TV SLO 1

National television TV SLO 1 showed a series of 5 episodes titled "My garden is designed", presenting the designs of slovenian garden designers and landscape architects. Designers explain which factors determined their design and owners explain why they chose to involve experts. Trajnice Strgar is happy to inform you that two of our garden designs are featured in this series (episode 1, epsiode 2, slovenian only). Enjoy.