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About nursery


Trajnice Strgar Nursery successfully works in the field of perennial cultivation for more than a decade. We culture our perennials in Črnuče in Ljubljana. Our assortment includes more than 1000 different types or sorts of perennials cultured on an area of 1 ha. In the nursery, you can see exhibition beds and graft nurseries where we test new varieties, present diverse perennial combinations and novelties in our assortment and above all, it is important to see the perennials sold in pots, also planted in beds. This is meaningful for an easier idea on how the perennial actually looks in its natural size.

We follow two essential principles in perennial cultivation – to offer our customers quality plants that are adapted to growing conditions and climate in Slovenia as well as a diverse perennial assortment so you can find the right plant for every place in your garden or park. We devote a lot of time to the selection of individual sorts of a certain variety as many new varieties appear in the market every year and it is not assured that they will grow fine and flourish for a long time even when planted in the garden. New varieties are tested in the graft nurseries to see how the varieties will act in the course of time and in domestic growing conditions.

In addition to cultivation of perennials, including also ornamental grass, ferns, aromatic and aquatic plants, we are also engaged in advising and planning of perennial beds, both in private gardens and in public areas. Our activities also comprise lectures on perennials and writing of expert articles.

In the last year, after Bernarda Strgar has completed education on London College of Garden Design, we expanded our activities also on garden design, although we cooperate in this field with landscape architects for many years, mostly in planning of perennial beds and with architects in garden design.

Trajnice Strgar Nursery hails from the Drevesnica Strgar family company that was founded in the late 1960s and was the first private undertaking in the field of garden design and tree plantation in Slovenia.

15. May 2019

Lectures in the nursery

Perennials in late spring

Saturday, 25.5.2019, 10. a.m. Entrance fee: 5 €

29. June 2016

My garden is designed

Our garden designs on TV SLO 1

National television TV SLO 1 showed a series of 5 episodes titled "My garden is designed", presenting the designs of slovenian garden designers and landscape architects. Designers explain which factors determined their design and owners explain why they chose to involve experts. Trajnice Strgar is happy to inform you that two of our garden designs are featured in this series (episode 1, epsiode 2, slovenian only). Enjoy.